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Our training plans come with the signature of our Ironman Certified Coach Joel A. de Bem Jr, one of the only coaches  who brings the proposal of sharing training plans in: 


  • Entrepreneurs with limited time for training, but who find in sport their valve of escape
  • Training metrics - And that's why we make our training sessions 100% structured and exportable for your Garmin.


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Maybe we will not get to sell 7.000 plans. For the simple fact that we treat each athlete as a unique. You will feel differentiated. You are not a number. You will be part of our legion. We are the link between your journey​​, towards your goal.

We have training plans for any stage of your training.

Commandos Methodology System

Our Methodology

commandos methodology system

The commandos methodology system has been thought for more than a decade. And now, after years of studies and experiments with our athletes around the world, we are offering this method that will enhance every physical capacity to the extreme, without compromising your body and much less your time.

training blocks

You can choose to start the training directly in the block you really need to improve. Learn more here. The blocks vary between 4 to 5 weeks in length.

complete training package

This is the complete plan with the 03 blocks in its sequence. Seriao complete cycle of preparation for a competition.

01 discipline

We have sample plans for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon.​

specific races

Here you can find specific training plans for your desired competition. In this plan, opting to leave your e-mail with us, our ironman certified coach will personally offer a completely free consultancy, and may even review the plan according to your competition.

specific targets
1 on 1 consulting

The complexity of training science requires the understanding and application of a coach with experience and knowledge to apply it. But probably the main question we should ask ourselves when we begin a preparation is: 

  • Why do we train?
  • How to measure intensity?
  • How to extract 100% of TrainingPeaks?

This product can be purchased at any time. It is our ironman certified coach’s opportunity to review, review, and structure the best planning for you. Ask your questions to make sure you are on the right track.

elite training plan
  • Well, here you will be monitored at all times;
  • We will be 24 hours connected to your need;
  • Weekly changes, and reviews of all your training sessions;
  • Calendar changes according to your social life;
  • Analyzes all your metrics;
  • Creating custom videos;
  • Modifications to your training plans according to your specific races.

There are two contracting options:

Single payment for ELITE planning of 30 weeks. This option contains 30% discount with enhancement to recurring payment. The value is U $ 725.00
Option for recurring monthly payment by paypal. That payment must be made by our site. The value is US $ 125.00

Have not decided yet?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between online spreadsheets and their training?

The difference is that your training will be totally individualized for you. Conventional online spreadsheets can not identify your appointments, your tiredness, etc. Yes we did!

I'm an amateur athlete. Will I be able to complete the training?

Absolutely yes! Everyone is able to complete the training. You just need to give us your goal and disposition. The rest we take care of you.

My job takes a lot of time. Is it possible to achieve good results by reconciling my social life, work and training?

Certainly. Our trainings are assembled for any kind of social context that you are. Training is done with quality, not quantity.

How do I make payments?

You can follow the recommendations directly by Training Peaks. If you purchase our training plans through our site, as well as in Training Peaks, you will be redirected to the Paypal platform. Everything with a lot of security and efficiency.

In what language can we communicate?

We can communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

I'm not used to any kind of organized training. How will I understand the trainings?

All the trainings that are a bit more detailed will have links that will take you to our youtube channel. There you will find videos demonstrating the exercises you will need. If you have more questions, our Ironcoach will personally produce a video especially for you!

After I complete the payment, how should I proceed?

If you have opted for our plans on the Training Peaks platform, you will automatically receive your training. But if you opt for our consultancies or even our Elite training plans, you can contact us through e-mail. After this stage, we will combine faster ways to communicate.

Is there any other benefit I'll be training with an Ironman Certified Coach?

You will be being trained by an extremely competent professional. And besides, you may be counting on a friend for the rest of your life. Because to us, it’s not just business. It’s all personal.