Looking for preparation for marathon majors around the world? We have 30 week training plans for these major competitions. And with a methodology that will raise your performance.

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Our specialty is the training of entrepreneurs with limited time for training, but who find in sport their valve of escape.
By acquiring this training plan, you will be becoming a differentiated athlete who will feel, understand and apply in practice the different steps necessary for your body and mind to evolve to their peak performance.
If you got here, it’s because you value the training metrics. And that’s why we make our training sessions FULLY structured and exportable for your Garmin.

The running sessions are based on pace. Your heart rate should always be checked. However, since it is a measure of effort rather than performance, these are the best ways to prepare a training plan.


Block I

We will initially address the speed training approach. Precisely because the running leg has the greatest impact on our body. And so to be, extreme importance must be given to the quality of the running technique.
And the way we approach the speed concept, even discussed in a specific post on this subject, this training fits perfectly in this period of preparation.
Crosstraining will make a big difference in our block system methodology.
In this first block, first focus on body stabilization.

Block II

Now, we will begin to work the volume on running, considering that the athlete must have already acquired the technical potential to run with excellent posture thus activating the correct muscles.

Block III

This final block will be practically the moment of execution of the details. The whole tactical and strategic part will be taken into account here.
The focus will also be the characteristic tempo run sessions. Learn how to play different accelerations in one training session, in an intelligent and strategic way.
This huge variation of the training characteristics in each block makes it clear that the larger goal of the Ironman methodology is that everything can be trainable, provided it is done an intelligently way.