In our Commandos Methodology System , each block follows one goal for each modality.

Therefore, each physical capacity can be harnessed to its maximum without compromising its performance.

The proposal of a planning in which volume as well as intensity of training, follow a sort of rotation between disciplines (swimming, cycling and running), will cause the body to absorb each of the different stimulus for each block of that system.

volume distribution



In the characteristics of the speed training in each of the modalities, it should be noted the presence of the technical characteristics with neuromuscular adaptations, since this capacity is determined by the nervous system, and not by energetic capacities as we usually see in traditional training.

block 1




So, for example, the first block.
In swimming, the focus will be on power. The characteristic of this workout is the high intensity. And when there is intensity, there must be recovery. Short sessions and strong drills.
As for cycling, this is the discipline that engage the most part of a triathlon race.

hig intensity vs low intensity

Therefore, aerobic conditioning (great article here about 80% / 20% rule) training must be present in the largest block of this system.

In the running, we will initially address the speed training approach. Precisely because the running leg has the greatest impact on our body. And so to be, extreme importance must be given to the quality of the running technique.





And the way we approach the speed concept, even discussed in a specific post on this subject, this training fits perfectly in this period of preparation.





Crosstraining will make a big difference in our block system methodology. This is because he will also take into account each disicpline in its time.
In this first block, first focus on body stabilization.





Specific isometric exercises to promote tendon strengthening, as well as prevention against reciprocal inhibition, a theme already mentioned in one of our articles.
In the second moment, attention must be given to muscle strength. Sessions focused on isometric work followed by repetitions. Fatigue the main musculature through isometry, our body will activate the synergists also in the aid of movement, which consequently will generate the force of a group, not an isolated muscle. In this phase of the force, will also be inserted the beginning of plyometric works in the form of super sets.
Flexibility work will be inserted consistently within the sessions.












In this block, we will probably inherit improvements in cardiovascular conditioning.
In swimming, the focus will now be speed. Neuromuscular adaptations through educational, followed by short stimulus.






In cycling, it will be time to prepare the muscles for the accelerations.This training block can be used at a specific time when the athlete intends to improve his sprints of short duration.


It is a phase of high intensity and requires a lot of quality in the sessions. Therefore, they will be short workouts, with enough recovery between the accelerations.



bike session



As in the previous block on running, high intensity equals low volume and relevant recoveries.
Now, we will begin to work the volume in the race, considering that the athlete must have already acquired the technical potential to run with excellent posture thus activating the correct muscles.






This will be the execution phase in crosstraining. Once we have been able to activate the necessary muscle groups, give the ideal flexibility for the movement, and the necessary strength, we will combine this whole learning to allow the athlete to repeat all these qualities several times. That is, acquiring the ability to activate explosive movements repeatedly.





This is what is necessary in the moments of the race where we need accelerations that will contribute to finalize our race more efficiently and in less time.

The second period, supercompensation, is the moment when we stop with crosstraining, in order to reserve all of the energy of your athlete focused for the training sessions, considering that this type of training, crosstraining, involves a lot of energy from an athlete.



human energy







This final block will be practically the moment of execution of the details of each discipline. The whole tactical and strategic part will be taken into account here.
In swimming, unlike the other disciplines, we will treat the athlete’s conditioning according to the specific volume of his goal. And all this accompanied with the strength training of the specific strength of the muscles required.

tactical bike
In cycling, it will be time to strategically construct how the athlete will manage the physical abilities inherited in the previous blocks.

And in the running discipline, the focus will also be the characteristic Tempo run sessions. Learn how to play different accelerations in one training session, in an intelligent and strategic way.






Continuing the previous reasoning related to crosstraining and supercompensation, there will also be no such training here. For it is known that our body only evolves in rest, and not when we train. During an athlete’s training sessions, our muscles are constantly injured. and the period of supercompensation is just the moment that our body has to evolve and improve more and more.



The huge variation of the training characteristics in each block makes it clear that the biggest goal of the Commandos Methodology System is that everything can be trainable, provided it is done an intelligently way.
And with the application of this system, the aspects of its performance can be achieved with the best use of its time, which is so precious to us.

And this 14-week cycle will be repeated continuously. Obviously, training sessions can be evolved and modified according to the singularities of each athlete and also according to the calendar of competitions of the same.
But this is the backbone of the Commandos Methodology System of our Ironman certified coach Joel A. de Bem.





We have training plans for any stage of your training.



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