Commandos Fernando Champomier wins slot for championship in France

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Every day is a special day ….
Wanted the destiny that this year our paths crossed. Fernando Champomier.

We met at Ironman 70.3 Bariloche in march, 11. And then, i ended up following his race at the Ironman Florianopolis, 2018.
And from then on I had the pleasure to  training this extraordinary athlete.
It’s been six months since then.

fernando sombra

And directly from Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, in the south of the world, Fernando Champomier.
In addition to the various competitions he contests, he still has to deal with even greater challenges: his health!
Your story is exciting and contagious at the same time.
Getting to handle all the difficulties your body imposes on you, he still get incredible elite time !!!
Graduated in physical education coaching in his city, Fernando accepted our proposal to join the Legion Commandos to be even more impressive and resilient than it already is!

fernando champomier

After making his first Ironman full with the time of 10:10, he goes back to smaller distances with goals to improve his personal records.

There are things that deserve to be told. And this is a case. For our friend and athlete has terrible multi-sclerosis. There are times when your muscles simply do not react. It’s a terrible thing. But even that does not shake. Fernando live his life as if there were no tomorrow. Which is what we should all do.

I learn much more from him than I can teach. Recently Fernando participated in the 70.3 event in Buenos Aires. Not only did he make a great race, but he also conquer his place for the World Championship in Nice, France in 2019.

That is what makes us invigorate our spirit and feed more and more the desire to have a life surrounded by awesome people !!
This is being a Commandos!

Fernando Champomier follows the training of Joel A. de Bem. Ironman certified coach.