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Here is where you will be able to understand what you will enjoy in relation to our services as well

as the ways of hiring the commandos training package.


For all athletes of all abilities who want unparalleled coaching, and to take their sport knowledge and sport performance to the next level.


 Your coach conducts in-depth research about the specific physiological demands of your sport and your need, custom builds your training program, and integrates training into your lifestyle.


 Performace nutricion logging, analysis and consultation (ketogenic concept) with low carbs ingestion.


 Up to three, two-day visits with your coach per year (travel expenses additional.


 Incorporate crosstraining and other athletic activities into your program.


 Unlimited as required.


 Tactical and logistical strategy for all races


We analyze your riding position with over 25 video analysis tools including. We only need a video capture of you in your trainer. And that’s it. After that our program Generate a Bike Fit Report detailing the measurements.



 Unlimited athlete-initiated coaching communication (email/phone and gps platform tools).

We also have the option to purchase our complete training plan on trainingpeaks.

Access our profile at trainingpeaks.

All training sessions are structured to best suit your needs.

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What is the difference between online spreadsheets and their training?

The difference is that your training will be totally individualized for you. Conventional online spreadsheets cannot identify your appointments, your tiredness, etc.

I’m an amateur athlete. Will I be able to complete the training?

Absolutely yes! Everyone is able to complete the training. You just need to give us your goal and disposition. The rest we take care of for you.

My job takes a lot of time. Is it possible to achieve good results by reconciling my social life, work and training?

Certainly. Our trainings are assembled for any kind of social context that you are. Training is done with quality, not quantity.

How do I make payments?

You can follow the instructions on our website. And from there, you will be redirected to the Paypal platform. Everything is as safe as possible.

In what language can we communicate?

We can communicate in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

I know friends who are also interested in training. Do I have any advantages indicating them?

Yes, you do. Each person you indicate and who decides to acquire one of our packages, you and your friend will receive progressive discounts of up to 50% discount.

I’m not used to any kind of organized training. How will I understand the trainings?

All the trainings that are a bit more detailed will have links that will take you to our youtube channel. There you will find videos demonstrating the exercises you will need. And If you have doubts , our Ironcoach will personally produce a video especially for you!

After I complete the payment, how should I proceed?

Once you have taken this initiative, you can send us an email confirming your registration, as well as being able to directly contact the communication lines (Whatsapp, Skype, or whichever you prefer).Our Ironcoach will personally serve you to start your journey.


Is there any other benefit I’ll be training with an Ironman Certified Coach?

Yes there is! You will be privileged to be able to sign up for Ironman events in advance!


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