Are you training hard enough?

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Now I will be trying to help you answer the most important question you can ask yourself when questioned us about our training. And YOU can only answer that!
You train hard enough?
Equal the famous phrase of Rocky Balboa that serves as inspiration for many, who begins by saying that “You may not like what I’m going to speak (in my case writing) now, but the world is not a bed of roses, (…) but this is not hit hard. It comes to how much you can handle catch and move on, how much you are able to endure and keep trying. ”
• This is not about waking up at dawn to go to a pedal proving to everyone that you are dedicated;
• Much less to run out on a sunny crack at noon, to let everyone know that while they are all getting fat in their homes, you are there grating;
• Or make 4 daily training sessions to the end of the week, your training volume reaches greatness records.
The only thing that matters is this: INTENSITY! This means taking your body more than he is willing to give you. And I’ll tell you one thing and that is the truth:
Your body is willing to go to a certain limit. The comfort. Beyond this limit, he does not like. He does not want you to achieve.
And your challenge is to make it accepted that next level. It is to find out how to get more than your body wants to give you.
And this is called intensity. That’s what we need to achieve the results we seek.
• You are one of those looking at his sheet that says 15 to 20 shots maximum intensity on the track, and you always choose to do 15 shots even if you still have energy and willingness for more?
• Or maybe that guy who always picks swimming in open water on warm, calm days?
• Or maybe always pick your favorite exercises at the gym?
I can tell you that if these exercises are your favorite, are probably not the ones you should be doing. And all these examples are not levels of excellence. Here’s some important guidelines:
• Let us not what we are used to.
• Choose everyday something you’ve never done.
• Start the exercise you feel more difficulty.
• Get out of your comfort zone!
That’s how you know you’re training hard enough.
Can you find out when an athlete is doing its maximum effort? – NO!!!
The only person who can know it is itself.
When it comes to effort and intensity, we can not say what it looks like an athlete at this level of effort, but I can say for sure how the person feels: Tremendously UNCOMFORTABLE!
When you search the top step, a classification for increased competition as a result of improved performance, better get used to the feel COMFORTABLE being UNCOMFORTABLE!0e7141576193049382e7e48beff0368f
And opposed to this, there is another thing that people tend to overlook in their preparation and that also has the same relevance weight for an athlete. And when you get to manipulate these variables effort and intensity consistently be focusing on strength, power, speed, endurance, you should know that your plan can be realized to look better according to your goals, you do with INTELLIGENCE.
This is not only about training hard. And yes, about how smart you are training intensely. It is about merging purpose with intensity.
This mixture is what makes good athletes in exceptional. star athletes, with long and prosperous careers.
Do you remember when you were younger, when you thought that you can do it all,  that could go out for a night and the next day even without sleep could leave for a monstrous pedal without regard for the consequences?
If you do not have a plan, that equalize those variables wisely, you will break. At some point, it will break.
And this plan should not be immutable. But yes, the backbone of his journey to the great achievement. And if you can not put strength behind the knowledge, you will not get the results you seek.
The next time you train: DO NOT THINK, EXECUTE!
Do what your body is not willing to give you easy. Win this fight, and I guarantee that you will be training hard enough.

By Joel A. de Bem Jr, Commandos coach.