Relentless by Tim Grover: Book review

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In this excellent reading, I would like to point out to you the simplicity of the words that Tim Grover, a former personal trainer of Michael Jordan, can convey through real passages of his relationship with this sport legend among other great athletes in which the author had the opportunity to live ,and the enourmous chasm that separates a good athlete from an exceptional one.
Genetic issues aside, the book clearly shows the relationship of the body to the mental predisposition of the athlete in his insatiable quest for overcoming.
As for example the fact that every game Michael Jordan played, whether at home or away, whether it be after a loss or a big win, he gestured to his personal, numbers 5, 6, or 7 Which meant the time of the clock of  extra training on next morning.
The word could not be more convenient: relentless.
The relenthless athlete easily stands out from others for a set of attitudes not only in his sport but also in his everyday life.
One of the main characteristics of this relentless athlete is to always want more. Never be satisfied with your performance. As much as it has hit the top.
And by identifying that kind of behavior in an athlete, we can expect all of it.
And the author also makes clear the condition that a person with these characteristics has not necessarily already achieved success in his sport. Precisely because of the fact that there are many variables until that point.
But knowing how to identify this kind of behavior is like finding a pearl on the ocean
Excellent reading for those who have already understood that the behavioral aspects of the human being in terms of mental attitude, are the great watershed with regard to the performance of the athlete who wants something more.