There are many training stimulus in the fitness world that are increasingly rooted in people. But rescue the most of this training and know what we must strengthen, what do we need to stretch, or rest, its a science that we insert into our training plan with every detail.


Humans have a tendency to flail around, to struggle for breath, and to exhaust themselves by pushing against the water. Our method explain that swimming is relaxed and aerodynamic, with minimal but highly effective movements to move you through the water without wearing you out (see how we apply this type of training here). The idea is to create a small “hole” in the water, and then to slip yourself through it, like a fish. It’s a style that looks relatively effortless. Knowing the strength is knowing direct your athlete the best possible technical refinement that he did not fight the liquid medium, but rather part of it.
botaobikeCycling is the only mode that depend on the equipment. So be adjusted on your bike is of great importance to the athlete can yield maximum physical capacity.Knowing which muscles to strengthen and which muscles to lengthen, we will enable our athletes to feel comfortable while generating efficiency at their pedals.

corridaRunning is purely technique. And despite being the discipline with the greatest impact in triathlon, we have been able to apply techniques (see our video here) that directly interfere with the cadence of our athlete, causing him to have less impact on his joints, greater blood flow in the lower limbs, and consequently, greater efficiency and economy of movement .


The crosstraining, perhaps the most underrated discipline by triathlete (see how we apply this type of training here).
It is through this type of training, the coach can find the muscle imbalances and thus organize the muscle structure of your athlete so that all contribute to the increase of their capabilities. Not only do we pass on exercises, but we also create specific exercises for the biomechanical abnormality that we find in our athlete through personalized tests through the simple filming of your smartphone.

nutribotaoEvery endurance athlete knows what happens to performance when their carbohydrate tank runs dry. The performance goes down in flames.

The key fact is that you can train your body to burn fat by imply changing your diet over a period os weeks, thereby turning blod sugar and glycogen into secondary fuels. Once you make this transition, you can then train harder, perform longer, and recover faster!


Did you know that when your body starts and tell you that you came to your limit, you actually reached only 40% of its full capacity?
Think about it and you will understand the importance that our master coach gives to this ability (see more about this here) .

Do you want to know how your workout will be presented to you?