Rest is part of training!

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Do you know anyone who practices physical activity that has ever been injured or even unmotivated because its overtraining?

With the unceasing search for new customers, the fitness world calls for a series of advertisements which states that the client will be able to achieve your goal in the shortest time possible!

And not only stipulates deadlines as stimulate people with minimal condition for physical activity, to be part of complex programs that do not allow the person rest, because according to such programs, the Spartans never rested.

So why would you?

And through this line of work, forget the greater principle that involves physical training: the supercompensation theory.

When we exercise above the levels that the body is adapted, it causes various “attacks” to the body, such as micro muscle injury, breakdown of energy reserves and other factors. The body in the post exercise, search replace and fix what caused the exercise. But the body, in a move to keep their survival, not only restores what was lost and depleted, and increases the levels we had before exercise. This is a body of the precautionary approach, which is most likely a remnant of the time of the caves, where the main task was to keep life under the agents that put at risk.

Quite simply, this is how it is the supercompensation theory works and that is how the training can increase the physiological and metabolic levels and promote an increasing resistance.

However, this replacement and repair of our body, it is only in periods of rest!

You do not evolve during your workout! This is a fact.

And the stimulus permanence besides not contributing anything to the evolution of your body will cause another phenomenon called overtraining.

So for most people to seek the exercise as a kind of escape from your hectic life, will not be raising ever more weights or carrying the same for ascents and descents, you will be running away from your problems. In fact you’re on your way to find others, such as muscle, joint damage and even greater drop in performance!

We will protect more our body and give it the rest it deserves! Only in this way, you can achieve your goal and healthy and smart way!