Old to compete?

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“We do not stop competing because we are old. We age when we stop competing ”
Behind the great sports feats we face constantly, several legends of the sport are saying goodbye to their reigns. We are reaching a stage where many great athletes like Michael Phelps are retiring because of age.
Because of age? It will be?
What about Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan who continued to break records after 40 years?
Even before the Olympics, there were headlines in the newspapers saying: “Michael Phelps will face his biggest opponent: age! What a joke!
Another American swimmer Anthony Ervin, 35, Olympic champion in Sydney 2000. After the medal, stopped by a DECADE swimming. He packed a band to hang out with friends. He returned just before the London Olympics to time to sort. It ranked fifth. And now in Rio, OLYMPIC CHAMPION!
Another American, Kristin Armstrong, 42 years old, CHAMPION OLYMPIC cycling time trial!
And what of the biggest headline of all, Usain Bolt, Ray! Can he resist age? 29 years !!!!!!!! What nonsense !!
The decrepit idea that the sport grows old, or the life of an athlete is short due to the intense training etc, etc, etc, is just another of the medieval associations that many doctors * there continue to spread the unwary.
* Imagine if Forrest Gump had listened to the doctor’s advice and it continued to use those in leg irons !!!! hahahaha!
When will we begin to realize that times are changing, the lifestyle and the way the sport is played today is different from long ago that considered themselves “bums” people who were sports!
We can not let ourselves be influenced by popular speech! Another person who did not let himself was certainly Oksana Chusovitina gymnast who also participated in the Olympic games in Rio at age 41 in her seventh Olympics !!!
You ever hear of runners vying marathon, when they arrive at kilometer 30, which is when they find the famous “wall” and after this phase, there are people who give up? I also have heard! However, also I heard the GIGANTIC HUGE MAJORITY completing a marathon quietly!
Now some data: Did you know that a person 80 years of age who throughout his life has trained at a high level and still trying to maintain your conditioning can have the same physical abilities compared to a sedentary 20 year old?
This can mean two things mainly: That we can live much better and much more time doing what we like, what we are recommended; and also that young people are taking too long to realize the physical potential they have and therefore are getting back !!
But one thing is certain: In some situations in life, we must do more and certainly start looking for advice elsewhere !!!!