Mental Toughness

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On the excellent words of the author of several books on this theme, Dr. Rob Bell speaks about  the mental toughness principles.
We all hope to be ready for that moment that will make a difference in our lives. Will connect what we are with what we want to become. We just do not know when this will happen.

Never give up

People never give up when they are close to an achievement, or have the chance to overcome something like a competition. But what happens when we are not competing? When we are in training? Or something in our everyday lives?
How do you act when you are in situations where you can not win?
The first time I started to give up something, even if that something is not so important for us, it starts to become a habit. You get to train your brain to give up any situation. This becomes part of their arsenal, the excuse.

Obstacle x Opportunity

We have to turn that awkward moment in a message. That test, in a testament to his strength. Successful people always mention that before they told him it was impossible, but they turned that negative message into an opportunity.


The samurai takes his two disciples to hunt. Then he asks of them: What do you see? He answers: I see trees, the sky, the tracks, and I see the eyes of prey.
Then he asked the second disciple. And he says, I only see the eyes of the prey.
Play your game. Focus.
Comparison is the thief of joy.
When we started to pay attention to what others are doing, it begins to dictate our actions.

Re focus

How to let your mistakes behind? When we started thinking about the mistake we made and we do not leave it behind, we made another mistake.


What is the difference between nervousness and excitement? Physiologically they seem to be the same. Nervousness, do not want to be in that situation. In the excitement that time is your opportunity. You trained for that

React or respond?

When we react, our action involves many emotions. Answer occasion.

As people who have put their money where their mouth is and signed up for something that terrifies them can attest, it is only when you doubt yourself the most, when you have the most to lose, that you ever gain real knowledge of yourself. In this dark place, you’ll find more out about yourself in seconds than you ever could in the safe confines of a gym over the course of years.


“[I]t is only when you doubt yourself the most, when you have the most to lose, that you ever gain real knowledge of yourself.”