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By contact us in this digital age, your pool of prospects is exponential. But so is your opportunity to cement a coaching relationship with the ideal candidate who happens to live thousands of miles away. Thanks to technologies allowing for instant interface, more athletes are bonding with trainers from other states or countries.

Virtual coaching tools and programs (an online calendar allowing for interactive input and evaluation), GPS watches, and power meters on bikes allow for coaches to effectively work with athletes around the globe right from home base.

But our headquarters is situated in Brazil.

You can reach us trough mail at

R. José Tarquínio Balsini, 245 – Cruzeiro do Sul, Criciúma – SC, 88811-060, Brazil

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+55 (48) 999159336 (whatsapp)



But if you are thinking of how we can work together, click here to learn more about our online training methodology. And for more information, you can send an email directly to our commander Joel A. de Bem Jr: