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Treino base?
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Todos nós apaixonados pelo esporte gostaríamos sempre de poder nos dedicar o máximo de tempo possível treinando. Porém, seres humanos sociáveis como somos, sabemos que possuímos familia, trabalho, filhos! E tudo isso se torna meramente impossível de se conciliar nos … Read More

Cadence – What’s the correct number?
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There is much talk today about the cadence among the modalities of triathlon. Some say they have an ideal number. Others say that this number can be variable according to each athlete. But in fact, do you know what this … Read More

North Legion
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This is the northern legion. Athletes residing in Central America. It all started with Captain Juliano Freitas. Person with extreme leadership . And incredible resilience. Through his circle of friends, he gather another arsenal of athletes with the same desire … Read More

Commandos Athletes in Action
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We are delighted to enjoy the same excitement that our athletes have when they realize their goals. And when we can be together with them on this journey then, it is a dream come true.

Workouts (according muscle fibers concept)
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In the previous article , we commented on the characteristics of muscle fibers according to the stimulus we give them. Again with the collaboration of writers / coaches, Pete Magil and Tom Schwartz, we have been able to visualize more … Read More

Muscle Fiber Vs Athlete Performance
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In the context of elite athletes, if we take into account that the increase in training volume is unlikely to be possible, and that performance improvement can only be achieved by better training effectiveness, then we come to the more … Read More

Reactive training (running technic)
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  The reactive force training, efficiently activates the Achilles tendon, thus releasing the elastic force. This means energy at low energy costs and greater preservation of the ankle, knee and hip joints. This type of training can be done as … Read More

Shoulder Mobility
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  This is an exercise routine for preparing the shoulder joint against the demand of the main training session. The format for performing this routine would be: 03 series in the form of circuit as follows: Execution for 30 ” … Read More

Treinamento Inteligente no Tênis
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  O tênis é um esporte muito complexo, com predominância de velocidades acíclicas. E para melhor entendermos essa característica, aqui vai sua definição: velocidade acíclica refere-se a capacidade de executar movimentos não cíclicos em alta velocidade contra baixas resistências externas. … Read More

Visualización en aguas abiertas – Ironcoach
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Los triatletas pasan horas en la piscina practicando la técnica perfecta del golpe, pero el día de la raza, seguir boyas y permanecer en curso es igualmente importante. La visualización es una habilidad que necesita ser practicada y perfeccionada antes … Read More

La Carrera Eficiente: Secreto revelado
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Entre todos los que quieren mejorar su carrera para tener un mejor desempeño, cuál sería la prioridad máxima?   ¿Mejorar el famoso Vo2máximo? ¿Tener el tenis ideal para el tipo de pisada? ¿Correr 150 km a la semana igualando a … Read More

Swim Drills
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  These are exercises that will definitely improve your swimming technique because they focus on the main region in which every swimmer should pay more attention: trunk mobility.  

Low Fat Foods Makes You Fatter
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This great truTV channel video shows the reality behind world nutrition and the influence of the lobby of the food industries. I felt COMPELLED to TRANSLATE it because it seems to me that many still believe in a fairy tale. And … Read More